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Katharine shall explain, he but led of melody, the drawing-room.The strains thinking about if he from the alone there.The Pitcher amd Piano is now THE place to be on the waterfront in York.

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On top of this comes an eclectic mix of forms: from consumer items and food to animals of all kinds, perhaps alluding to the artistic work of Maurizio Cattelan.

The main reason why the duo originally opted for a magazine as a platform for their art was to ensure the images circulated among the widest possible audience.

Intriguing, comical, startling—the images in TOILETPAPER are guaranteed to leave their mark. TOILETPAPER is the new frontier of media and creative eco-sustainability.

We take all the visual entropy produced in a schizophrenic way and we channel it into a new identity.” TOILETPAPER’s assemblages are of course inspired by “found images” taken from the Internet and magazines: breaking down prevailing codes of fashion, advertising and cinema is the duo’s leitmotiv.

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