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Jeff Martin, here's my list: Sixten Ivarsson, Poul Rasmussen & Preben Holm (all , but doubtlessly all-time-greatest) Today's best: Jess Chonowich, Hans "Former" Nielsen, Bo Nordh Maybe getting this rank in the future: Cornelius Mnz, Rolando Negoita, Kent Rasmussen The very good ones: S. Per Hansen & Ulf Noltensmeier), Rainer Barbi, Fritz () & Paolo Becker, Walt Cannoy, Castello, Tom Eltang, Poul Ilsted, Sven & Teddy Knudsen, Peter Matzhold, Jrgen & Kai Nielsen, Vigg Nielsen, Trevor Talbert, William Ashton Taylor, Tsuge, Lee van Erck, Luigi Viprati, Jack H. Close behind: Kurt Balleby, Love Geiger, Peter Heeschen, Bertram Safferling, Dura Semjaniv, Mark Tinsky, Tim West, Randy Wiley, ...

Newcomers: Reiner Thilo Bindschdel, Michael Lindner, Michael Parks, Will Purdy, Damiano Rovera, Lasse Skovgaard, ...

With that in mind, I'd recommend considering not only my favorite---the Castello, which you're apparently already sold on---but also the older Caminetto's (with the gold moustache on the stem).

New Caminetto's (white moustache) are fine too, but IMHO not quite as sweet.

Even if I got a new stem, I still think a pipe is quite a personal thing and I'm not sure I'd like it if I knew my pipe had been molested by someone else .Hi there, I am planning to buy some new pipes and I would like to know who are considered the 'high end' pipe makers.I have several cheap pipes and the best quality ones I own are Dunhill and Savinelli autograph.Martin, The emergence of e-bay has given us all an opportunity to own pipes from top drawer makers at prices considerably less than retail.In some cases, the estate pipes are an exceptional value because many legendary pipes are no longer available new.

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